"We all desperately need more insight into what leads to happiness and what leads to pain." ~Pema Chodron

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Amy Childs

Happiness Consultant


Welcome to my website and thank you for your interest!  I hope you find something here that speaks to you.

I work with people who are searching for more relaxation and pleasure in their lives.  I support my clients in the discovery and enjoyment of their personal power, and help them experience more fulfillment and fun.

Do you want to

– fashion a life that expresses who you really are?

– build relationships that are fresh, vibrant and based on the truth?

– raise children in a way that’s empowering and enjoyable for everyone?

– suffer less and relax more?

I offer clients a new perspective based on the unconventional insights I’ve developed from my own experience.  I listen for and support the emergence of an inner voice that is always present but rarely heard or valued.

I also offer homeschooling and unschooling families the support and encouragement they sometimes need when fashioning a new way of life centered around freedom and fun.

I long for the world to be a peaceful, happy place.  My personal and professional life is committed to this goal, and it brings me joy to assist those with a similar longing.

If you’re looking for more happiness and peace, and you like what you read here, please contact me to set up a complimentary consultation.   I’d love to hear from you.


Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant