"We all desperately need more insight into what leads to happiness and what leads to pain." ~Pema Chodron

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Amy Childs

Happiness Consultant

Whites Against Racism

Whites Against RacismAwareness/Study/Activism.” 

(Click here to RSVP for the first event on facebook, or send me an email to let me know you’re interested.)

This group is designed for white people to learn about whiteness, to confront oppression, and to work against systemic white supremacy.  

In order to understand racism, oppression, and justice, it is imperative that we hear Black voices and bear witness to Black experiences. We assume that participants in this group have availed themselves of the countless articles, blogs, books, etc. written by people of color, and that in this course we will all continue to do so.

The purpose of our meetings is for white people to do the personal, intellectual, emotional, and political work of confronting racism within and around us. Many leaders, writers, and people of color, when asked by white folks “what can I do to combat racism?” have answered “do your work in the white community.”

It is not the responsibility of Black and Brown people to educate, lead, explain, or give free therapy to whites. That is our critical work, and this group is designed to facilitate it.

This group IS:

  • A place to learn what racism, white supremacy and white privilege are
  • A place to speak honestly about our own privilege, racism, confusion, guilt, shame and fear – in order to move beyond them
  • A place to get support in taking action to undo the damage of racism and other forms of oppression
  • A place to be challenged to face ugly realities within and around us
  • A place to deepen our understanding of what it means to be accountable to people of color
  • A place to share resources, knowledge, action opportunities

This group is NOT:

  • A place to complain or whine
  • A place to preach or lecture
  • A place to make us “feel better” about racism and other forms of oppression
  • A place to congratulate ourselves on how progressive and liberal we are
  • A place to talk about our feelings without the intention of changing ourselves and the world
  • A place to blame or shame those who are trying to learn and grow

We meet every other week- once a month on a Wednesday, once a month on a Tuesday. We will post meeting topics three months in advance, and you are invited to attend as it works for you. Please feel free to share this meeting with others, including young people with an interest in this work.

Topics we’ll cover for in the upcoming months are posted below, and will be updated throughout the year:

Wednesday, Jan 18th –  Language: Definitions of racism, privilege, and many other terms that we’ll use frequently throughout this course
Tuesday, Jan 31st – The History of White Racism in America
Wednesday, Feb 8th – Where Capitalism and Racism Meet
Tuesday, Feb 21st – The Prison System and the War on Drugs
Wednesday, Mar 1st – Between The World and Me by Ta-Nahisi Coates
Tuesday, Mar 14th – Cultural Appropriation and Microagressions
Wednesday, Mar 29th – Reparations: What, Why and How

Facilitated by Amy Childs, Heather Gray and Katie O’Connor

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