"We all desperately need more insight into what leads to happiness and what leads to pain." ~Pema Chodron

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Amy Childs

Happiness Consultant

am i always happy?

“Are you always happy?”

When people hear that I am a happiness consultant, they often ask “So, what is the secret to happiness?!”

One of the most common quick answers I give is:

“Being comfortable with unhappiness.”

It’s not the whole story, but it’s a pretty good start.

~ ~ ~

For a slightly longer answer in which there’s a lot still left between the lines, you can read what I wrote and hung on my wall. I read it frequently to remind myself what the heck my life is all about anyway.

I am an inner space explorer.

I see the insanity and beauty that is around and within me, and I tell others what I have seen.

My contribution to the world is in my breath, consciousness and presence.

The universe sustains me and my children.  We have all that we need.

Friendliness to myself is found in my breath, not in my brain.

My mind is most at rest when in the presence of another’s authentic experience.

The hideous things I feel and see are given to me so that I can do my job of helping others.

Judging these hideous things as bad only makes them feel worse.

Resistance is futile.

I am comfortable with unhappiness.  It serves me (and my clients) very well; in fact, I could just as easily and honestly call myself an “Unhappiness Consultant.”  Same thing.

Because of this I can say “Yes, I am (almost) always a certain kind of ‘happy’.”  A kind of happy that actually works.

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant