"We all desperately need more insight into what leads to happiness and what leads to pain." ~Pema Chodron

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Amy Childs

Happiness Consultant

house-sitting with a twist

If you want me to come house-sit while you’re away working in India, you might not be sorry! I might come and organize all your books and build you a shelf to put them on.

cabin cleanout

We went into the beautiful North Cascades to clean out the cabin and prepare it for a new tenant.

cascades cabin






When we got there, we found it had been broken into, the door left open, and a pack rat had settled in. But we were not to be deterred! We cleaned, fixed, vacuumed, scrubbed and sang along. Took a pickup truck’s worth of goodies to the thrift shop (three mountain towns over) and built a burn pile (to save for wetter weather). Set the trap for Packie and caught him on our first try.

Nothing better than combining two great loves: organizing and the mountains.

cabin cleanout











And drinking a beer on the porch at the end of a good day.


while she was doing better things

Sometimes people have better things to do than deal with their wardrobe that broke and then exploded all over the floor. So while they are out there making the world a better place, I sometimes get to sneak in and put things back where they belong. WIN-WIN!

before after hooray

honey I found the scissors!

All better!

hutch before after

wow that was fast!

before and after


One of my favorite things to hear a client say:


“That took way less time than I thought it would!”


(This took under two hours. Wheee!)




Amy Childs | “I love organizing, so you don’t have to!”

Whites Against Racism

Whites Against RacismAwareness/Study/Activism.” 

(Click here to RSVP for the first event on facebook, or send me an email to let me know you’re interested.)

This group is designed for white people to learn about whiteness, to confront oppression, and to work against systemic white supremacy.  

In order to understand racism, oppression, and justice, it is imperative that we hear Black voices and bear witness to Black experiences. We assume that participants in this group have availed themselves of the countless articles, blogs, books, etc. written by people of color, and that in this course we will all continue to do so.

The purpose of our meetings is for white people to do the personal, intellectual, emotional, and political work of confronting racism within and around us. Many leaders, writers, and people of color, when asked by white folks “what can I do to combat racism?” have answered “do your work in the white community.”

It is not the responsibility of Black and Brown people to educate, lead, explain, or give free therapy to whites. That is our critical work, and this group is designed to facilitate it.

This group IS:

  • A place to learn what racism, white supremacy and white privilege are
  • A place to speak honestly about our own privilege, racism, confusion, guilt, shame and fear – in order to move beyond them
  • A place to get support in taking action to undo the damage of racism and other forms of oppression
  • A place to be challenged to face ugly realities within and around us
  • A place to deepen our understanding of what it means to be accountable to people of color
  • A place to share resources, knowledge, action opportunities

This group is NOT:

  • A place to complain or whine
  • A place to preach or lecture
  • A place to make us “feel better” about racism and other forms of oppression
  • A place to congratulate ourselves on how progressive and liberal we are
  • A place to talk about our feelings without the intention of changing ourselves and the world
  • A place to blame or shame those who are trying to learn and grow

We meet every other week- once a month on a Wednesday, once a month on a Tuesday. We will post meeting topics three months in advance, and you are invited to attend as it works for you. Please feel free to share this meeting with others, including young people with an interest in this work.

Topics we’ll cover for in the upcoming months are posted below, and will be updated throughout the year:

Wednesday, Jan 18th –  Language: Definitions of racism, privilege, and many other terms that we’ll use frequently throughout this course
Tuesday, Jan 31st – The History of White Racism in America
Wednesday, Feb 8th – Where Capitalism and Racism Meet
Tuesday, Feb 21st – The Prison System and the War on Drugs
Wednesday, Mar 1st – Between The World and Me by Ta-Nahisi Coates
Tuesday, Mar 14th – Cultural Appropriation and Microagressions
Wednesday, Mar 29th – Reparations: What, Why and How

Facilitated by Amy Childs, Heather Gray and Katie O’Connor

dec 6, 2016

Well Guys, I’m 49 and everything seems to be whizzing by at the speed of light.  Soon I’ll be 50… and THEN what? (If you have any pointers or suggestions, I’m all ears.)

I’ve been doing more organizing lately which is fun, and I also still have enthusiastic expectations of getting the Unschooling Kids podcast together in 2017. I plan to live the entirety of next year in my beloved hometown of Philadelphia, where I’ll keep talking about unschooling and start talking about white privilege. I’m also going to do more writing in the coming year, although it’s entirely possible the pages will end up under my mattress along with the many pages of writing that have come before.

But most of all, amidst the rush and the many exciting options, I feel so lucky and grateful to be connected to you people around the world who care about the things that I do – personal liberation, world change, and having fun. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it….. So let’s all keep up the good work, shall we?

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant

satisfaction and glee

Somehow this book made its way to my childhood shelf, and to this day even the sight of the cover fills me with satisfaction and glee. I am not making this up.

the big tidy up


Please help me feel that satisfaction and glee once again…

Send an email to schedule your organizing appointment today!





Amy Childs | “I love organizing, so you don’t have to!”

business cards


amy childs organizing

WPC 2016

“So, How was the White Privilege Conference?”

Trying to answer this question might feel like trying to recap a trip to drug and alcohol rehab. Every day was a hundred miles long and a thousand miles deep. Which parts do I relay? What of it might you be able to really understand? Do you want me to describe the many different kinds of pain? Do you want to know where it was? Do you want me to say I had fun? Do you want me to say I’m better now? Do you want me to tell you what I ate while I was there? Do you want me to tell you who my roommate was? Or is it that you don’t have the slightest idea what rehab even is, and you don’t realize the impossible question you’re asking?

To deepen the analogy, because most people who ask me for a recap are white, it’s like coming home from rehab to a household of addicts in a community of addicts. Perhaps some are recovering, maybe were in rehab recently themselves. Some feel sorry for me, because they “don’t’ have a problem.” Some are flying high, even as they ask.

Do I try to make it sound like fun, so they’ll want to go with me next year? Do I say something inspiring so they might learn something new? If I tell them about the hard things, will they wonder why I went in the first place and vow never to go themselves? Should I even put myself through the discomfort of trying to figure out what to say? It’s over now. I could be quiet and go back to life as usual.

I hate to speak. I’m content on my own, I am no kind of expert, and I don’t like to cause a fuss.

In fact, one thing I have quickly learned is that “staying silent” is one of my most cherished privileges.

But like all of the privileges I enjoy, my silence doesn’t make the world a better place.

If you read the White Privilege Conference website (which perhaps you should do) you will learn that the WPC “examines challenging concepts of privilege and oppression and offers solutions and team-building strategies to work toward a more equitable world.” So that’s what the conference is, and this was the 17th one. If you’re wondering about white privilege in the first place, you also could look at the back of my new “Got Privilege?” tee shirt and read that “Many doors open for certain people through no virtues of their own.” For those who want something to chew on for awhile, that’s a place to start.

I cannot sum up the White Privilege Conference in one exchange, blog post or podcast episode. Instead, I invite you to be a part of this conversation. I invite you to take some moments to notice a few of the rights, advantages and immunities that are bestowed upon those of us born with lighter skin. And then, to talk about what you see.

My favorite part of the WPC was hearing Verna Myers speak. Her keynote address, “What If I Say the Wrong Thing?” was full of more important truths than my twitter skills allowed me to capture, beginning with “We cannot afford to be stuck and saturated in shame….. We don’t need any more good people. We need effective people. We need real people.”

And “If we can’t figure out how to talk with each other, it’s very unlikely that we’ll figure out how to build a whole new world.”

It’s uncomfortable and confusing, I’m going to do it wrong. I’m going to embarrass myself and feel things I’d rather not feel.  But I do believe that until the planet works for all of us, it doesn’t really work for any of us.

And I want to live in a world that works for everyone.