"We all desperately need more insight into what leads to happiness and what leads to pain." ~Pema Chodron

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Amy Childs

Happiness Consultant



Amy is an intuitive and practical genius.  Her guidance during a major life transition gently nudged me to notice what my own inner self already knew.  Her loving presence and acceptance allowed me to  admit my scariest, most transformative truths to myself, and she always clearly communicated her certainty that I have all the brilliance and self-knowledge and love that I need within.  I now have so much more self-confidence, power, and ability to ask for what I want. ~Anna, OR

Amy has a magical way of listening to what I am saying and then skillfully coming up with a simple plan that is exactly what I was asking for, but never would have thought of.  After every session I walk away amazed, thrilled and shifted to a much needed direction. Helping me to trust all human beings and especially my own children, Amy has led me from an already great relationship with my kids to an even more amazing and fulfilling one. ~Rosellen, PA

About a year ago I was in a hard downward spiral.  Amy’s support, insight, common sense and compassion really helped pull me out of it. She handed me a magic sack of tools, like in a fairy tale – some I knew how to use straight off, and some I come back to a year later and have a revelation.   It is truly like the ripples extending out from one pebble tossed into a pond…. even though we focused mainly on one part of my life (my relationship with my husband), the effects have spread outward, influencing and brightening almost every aspect of my life, and even extending out beyond even me, into the universe! ~Kami, TX

Homeschooling my two teenage boys with Amy’s guidance was truly one of the most spectacular growth experiences of my life. The unique gift of Amy is that she naturally lives and sees the world without boxes, where anything is possible. We have awakened to a whole new way of being in life in which we decide what we want, what is important to us, and let fun be our guide.  Whenever I come to Amy in fear and upset (usually about my kids), she guides me to the core of what really matters. She always has an amazingly original angle complete with practical solutions that expand us all. My anxiety fades as I walk away remembering what awesome sons I have and how much I love them. I have sought help many times in my 25 years of parenting four boys – Amy is the best! ~Karin, PA

Amy Childs | Happiness Consultant