"We all desperately need more insight into what leads to happiness and what leads to pain." ~Pema Chodron

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Amy Childs

Happiness Consultant

honey I found the scissors!

All better!

Whites Against Racism

“Whites Against Racism: Awareness/Study/Activism.”

(Click here to RSVP for the first event on facebook, or send me an email to let me know you’re interested.)

This group is designed for white people to learn about whiteness, to confront oppression, and to work against systemic white supremacy.

In order to understand racism, oppression, and […]

dec 6, 2016

Well Guys, I’m 49 and everything seems to be whizzing by at the speed of light. Soon I’ll be 50… and THEN what? (If you have any pointers or suggestions, I’m all ears.)

I’ve been doing more organizing lately which is fun, and I also still have enthusiastic expectations of getting the Unschooling Kids podcast […]

business cards


WPC 2016

“So, How was the White Privilege Conference?”

Trying to answer this question might feel like trying to recap a trip to drug and alcohol rehab. Every day was a hundred miles long and a thousand miles deep. Which parts do I relay? What of it might you be able to really understand? Do you want […]

Our Children, Ourselves

Conference calls and Philadelphia-area meetings are forming now! Send me an email for more information.


A workshop

led by Amy Childs

for parents who wonder…

What Is It in 2016

what is it to be human

Throughout the year, Kara Tennis and I will be hosting several What Is It? groups around the Philadelphia area. If you’d like to be kept in the loop about dates and places, you’ll need to join my mailing list and specifically check the “What Is It?” box. Or, send me an email and I’ll add […]

January Intros

Throughout the year I’ll be hosting several “Introduction to Unschooling” discussions around the Philadelphia area – and maybe beyond!

We have four sessions scheduled in Philly in January:

Wooden Shoe (704 South Street) on Jan 16 at 3pm Wooden Shoe (704 South Street) on Jan 14 at 6:30pm Cloth (1605 E Passyunk Ave) on Jan […]

Happy Solstice

Life is difficult. It’s confusing, and painful, and confronting, and disappointing, and scary. And being human is super weird.

But we live in a pretty world that is floating around in a beautiful universe.

So I say, go forth and be as weird in this strange and pretty world as you can be.

Happy solstice, […]

oct 27, 2015


“So guys, whadya wanna do with me?” – Gray Tennis, age 4, to his teen siblings and their friends.

But really guys. What DO you want to do with me?

Maybe I could organize your basement? Play with your kids? Herd your cattle across the open range? Lead an unschooling workshop? Help your grandma after […]