Amy Childs

Professional Organizer

I love organizing – so you don’t have to

When I was about ten, I discovered that some people (like my younger sister) are messy by nature but like things to be neat. At the same time I realized that other people (like me) find enormous pleasure in making things tidier. We struck a bargain – she gave me $5 (!!) and I spent the day going through every drawer, box, and corner of her room until everything was spick and span. WIN-WIN.

I work with clients in the Philadelphia area (and around the world, if I happen to be in town, or if it’s possible to get things done remotely) to organize  and make sense of stuff and things in their homes, offices, basements, drawers and brains.

Do you need help with your…..

  • Systems?
  • Bills?
  • Houses?
  • Checkbook?
  • Office?
  • Computer?
  • Filing cabinets?
  • Closets?
  • Kids?

If so, then send me an email and let’s make a plan to get that shizzle TOGETHER!


Tales from the Trenches – Amy’s blogette:

honey I found the scissors!

All better!

hutch before after

wow that was fast!

before and after


One of my favorite things to hear a client say:


“That took way less time than I thought it would!”


(This took under two hours. Wheee!)




Amy Childs | “I love organizing, so you don’t have to!”

satisfaction and glee

Somehow this book made its way to my childhood shelf, and to this day even the sight of the cover fills me with satisfaction and glee. I am not making this up.

the big tidy up


Please help me feel that satisfaction and glee once again…

Send an email to schedule your organizing appointment today!





Amy Childs | “I love organizing, so you don’t have to!”

business cards


amy childs organizing